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Leading Transformational Platform for the Real Estate Industry

Exalogic Consulting provides dedicated SAP experts to support End-to-End Industry Practice.

200+ Real Estate Industry Customer’s Worldwide.

Exalogic Consulting, being the SAP Gold Partner has helped its clients boost revenue by 30% via personalized experiences & actionable insights

End-to-End Value Chain - Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Industry Develop
Real Estate Industry Construct
Real Estate Industry Operate
Real Estate Industry Acquire
Real Estate Industry lease-sell
Real Estate Industry Services

Why SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

Key characteristics delivered

End-to-End Industry Value Chain

End-to-End Industry Value Chain

  • "Baked-in" next generation Industry Best Practices.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solution.
  • Intelligent, automated processes.
  • Real time, granular visibility and insights to run the organization.
Next Generation User Experience

Next Generation User Experience

  • Compelling end-user experience on any device.
  • Intuitive and personalized to enhance the user’s usage and adoption.
  • Embedded analytics and reporting throughout.
  • Optimized performance to ensure ease of use and a seamless experience.
Platform for Growth

Platform for Growth

  • A platform for continuous innovation.
  • Leverage emerging technologies as business and technical services (ML, iRPA, digital assistants, IoT, etc).
  • Embedded analytics and reporting throughout.
  • Open architecture and ML-driven integration services to support hybrid landscapes.

Solution Videos

SAP Intelligent Real Estate Management

Watch this video to find out how SAP Intelligent Real Estate improves portfolio performance, building efficiency and occupant experience. This is a win-win situation for every real estate leader.

Turn Businesses into Intelligent Enterprises

Intelligent Enterprises uses the latest technologies to turn insight into action across the business-in real time. As a result, they accelerate data-driven disruption & process automation, launch new business models, & deliver exceptional experiences.

Rethink Corporate Real Estate

Rethink Corporate Real Estate Management with SAP Cloud for Real Estate

SAP Cloud for Real Estate provides centralized information for an organization's corporate real estate portfolio. It has strong financial integration, provides analytics, & is easily connected through the cloud to web applications. ​ Built on the SAP Cloud platform, this IFRS 16-compliant solution assists CFOs & corporate real estate managers in answering key questions through a customer-grade user experience.

RealCube SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution for Real Estate Management

Elevate your real estate management with RealCube's SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution, in partnership with SAP. Let us conquer the demand of today's dynamic workplace by providing options that are both flexible and engaging through our powerful cloud solution.

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RealCube SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution for Real Estate Management

Solving Pressing Challenges in Real Estate with Strong Partners

SAP's open platform enables partners to seamlessly complement our offerings with the most technologically advanced solutions.

Transforming Data into Insights Challenges in Real Estate

Transforming Data into Insights

RealCube is all set to Improve Building Performance with Integrated, Cloud Based Business & Operational Technology Data. Together we provide a system of record & single source of truth for real estate operations.

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Real Estate in a Box Challenges in Real Estate

Real Estate in a Box

Exalogic Consulting brings in RealCube to provide maximum value to tenants, properties owners & operators by leveraging intelligent technologies.

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Seamless Tenant Acquisition Management

Seamless Tenant Acquisition Management

Exalogic Consulting, in its recent project with ICT helped enable a seamless, real time & consistent experience to leasing agents to perform lead Lead to Lease activities addressing challenges of disjointed sales due to disparate systems & lack of real time integration between them.

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Tenant Self Service Portal Challenges in Real Estate

Tenant Self Service Portal

Exalogic Consulting has developed RealCube as a Tenant Self Service Management (TSM) a simple and feature rich online Portal where tenants are enabled securely to manage their account using the Contract Cockpit, Service Request Cockpit and Lead to Lease Cockpit on either Laptop or Tablet or Mobile. Recently, a similar solution was delivered to ICT as well.

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Technology Trends Driving Real-estate Innovation

Drive Innovation in Real Estate

Transform your Real Estate Business

Real estate is one of the Oldest industries in the world. With pandemic changing the face of the industry forever, Real Estate companies and executives have to re-think key elements of their business models to protect the bottom line &, even more importantly, their ​ cash flow.

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About Exalogic Consulting

Exalogic Consulting is a global technology consultancy headquartered in London. We are an SAP Gold Implementation partner specializing in technology advisory, digital transformation, and sustainable business practices. We are committed to sustainable business practices and empower organizations worldwide to navigate the complexities of digital transformation with cutting-edge technological expertise.

Exalogic Consulting takes pride in being recognized as the ‘Emerging Company of the Year’ for 2024 at the 22nd global edition and the 7th edition - India of the Business Leader of the Year awards. Mr. Sasoon Sadique, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, has been conferred with the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award. Mr. Naveen Kumar, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, has been recognized as the 'Visionary Leader of the Year'.

Please be advised that Exalogic Consulting is a reputable, award-winning organization operating globally and owns Exalogic Systems and Exact Logic Middle East. We have no other business affiliations or subsidiaries with similar names or suffixes.

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